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Accounting Services - Monthly bookkeeping including management reporting

Submisssion of monthly returns to SARS

Payroll & HR services

Annual Financial Statements

Annual returns to CIPC

Taxtion for companies and Individuals

Registrations CIPC, SARS and Labour department

New Company set up assistance

Business plans

Company Valuation

Business Consulting

Budgeting and Cash flow projection

Tax planning

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Directors are responsible to maintain accurate financial information for their companies. We assist by helping capture all relevant information needed. You have the option to use online or offline services.

Online Services:
All financial data is captured on Pastel My Business online, keeping you up to date and to enable you to manage your company with our help. Payroll is also done online. This enables you to be able to send statements to your customers on time, being paid on time, giving you financial freedom.

Offline Services:
You have the option to use accounting software of your choice at the comfort of your office or we capture everything at our offices on Pastel Partner.

We will submit all relevant statutory returns which are due monthly or bi-monthly.


Every company and Individual are obliged to submit and income tax return to SARS on an annual basis. We assist by compiling the necessary documentation and submitting returns on time.

In addition we provide valuable tax advice and tax planning for you and your company.

We are registered with SARS, as tax practitioners and therefore we are authorised by SARS to assist clients in calculation of taxes and submissions of returns, and therefore we are allowed by the Tax administration act to charge fees for such services rendered.

Assistance in tax matters can be addressed by yourself at any SARS branch. We have a sound knowledge of forms and procedures that is implemented at SARS, and can therefore assist in these matters, saving you the time of sitting in long lines for hours, just to be sent away without assistance.

Statutory Services

From time to time there might be changes in your company information, we assist in disclosing the necessary information to CIPC and keeping your details up to date.

Annual Financial Statements.

Annual Financial Statements are required in order for you to disclose information to CIPC and SARS. According to the Companies Act all companies have to compile annual financial statements 6 months after year end. You might also require Financial statements should you want to apply for finance or a bank overdraft. This is the responsibility of the Directors or Members of Companies and Close Corporations.

We do compilation of Annual Financial Statements and Independent Reviews.


All companies who employ staff are obliged to register for PAYE and should be submitting monthly returns.

If your company has an annual turnover of more the R 1 mil you are obliged to register for VAT. You may also consider voluntary registration for VAT if you have an annual turnover of more than R 50 000, or if your suppliers require you to be VAT registered. You will have to submit returns to SARS.

We assist in registering new Companies.
We assist in registering your company for Workman's Compensation.

Other Services

New Company set up assistance
Business plans
Company Valuation
Business Consulting
Budgeting and Cash flow projection
Tax planning
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