Taxation Services



Every company and Individual are obliged to submit an income tax return to SARS on an annual basis. We assist by compiling the necessary documentation and submitting returns on time.

We provide you with valuable tax advise, never pay more tax than you should again.

We are registered with SARS, as tax practitioners and therefore we are authorised by SARS to assist clients in calculation of taxes and submissions of returns, and therefore we are allowed by the Tax administration act to charge fees for such services rendered.

Assistance in tax matters can be addressed by yourself at any SARS branch. We have a sound knowledge of forms and procedures that is implemented at SARS, and can therefore assist in these matters, saving you the time of sitting in long lines for hours, just to be sent away without assistance.


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RKH Accounting CC is not affiliated with South African Revenue Services.  RKH Accounting CC and it's partners are registered with South African Revenue Services as a Practising Tax Practitioner in accordance with Section 67A of the Income Tax Act, under which RKH Accounting CC is permitted to charge fees for services that are rendered for items that are related to South African Revenue Services, that are available directly from South African Revenue Services at their branch or online for no charge.  RKH Accounting CC does not charge for forms, however charges are related to assist in completion, submission and follow up of the applicable items.  Fees applicable to these services is charged based on spesific items and might vary for different services that are rendered.